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San Francisco Makeup Artist A good makeup artist is hard to find especially in San Francisco a city of variety and enchantment. A good San Francisco makeup artist will consider your needs. Are you looking for a professional makeup look to land that high paying job, or are you looking to dazzle for a night out on the town. The best makeup artists can adapt to just what you need and will communicate well with you about your vision for the look. Makeup artists are more than artists they are chemists and pharmacists in a way. They can see if your skin is having problems with acne scars, dryness, or sun irritations and recommend the right products to heal your face. They can create the perfect blend of colors to bring out your natural beauty. Whether you are looking for blue eyelashes and purple lipstick, or plum blush and light brown lashes a good makeup artist can help you. The right foundation is essential. You may want to try several foundation colors and then go outside into natural sunlight and see how they look. Bright shopping mall lights are not the best for color matching. Make sure your foundation color is the same as the skin color of your neck so that you do not look like you are wearing a mask. Choose the right density of foundation as well. If you have few blemishes and no rosatia a light foundation may work well for you. If you are athletic make sure your foundation is breathable and has spf 15. The best thing you can do for your skin is to protect it from the sun. The sun’s harmful rays are really damaging. You may think this summer’s tan looks great but in a few years the sun spots and dry leathery skin you will be left with are not worth it. Protect your skin by wearing the right makeup. Select a concealer that is right for you as well. Under eye concealers are typically a little lighter than foundation colors to compensate for dark circles under the eyes, which may be caused by a lack of sleep, or by genetics. Blemish covering concealers, such as camouflage, and green concealers work well to hide current acne as well as acne scars. Be sure to wash your face often and use oil free products if you suffer from break outs. If you are using a green concealer be sure to rub it in thoroughly and finish up with some powder or skin tone foundation. Green concealers work to reduce redness because they are the opposite color on the spectrum, however if you are not precise when you apply them you may be left with green spots on your face which is far stranger than red spots. Visit a San Francisco makeup artist today. San Francisco Makeup Artist
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