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San Francisco Bridal Makeup Looking for bridal makeup in San Francisco? San Francisco bridal makeup is always wonderful when done by the right artist. You want to look flawless on your special wedding day, so come to us. With professional makeup artists, airbrushing, color matching, and eyelash extensions we will help you look your prettiest for your special day. Wedding photographs and videos will last forever, so invest in the right makeup that will make you look stunning. Make your groom cry when he walks down the isle because you look so beautiful. Our soft shades and glimmers will make you look radiant. Come in for a free consultation and try on the perfect look before your wedding day. It is also important to have bridesmaids makeup done beautifully. Treat the special women in your life special with the right bridal makeup. Don’t forget the mother of the bride’s makeup. With mature looks and sophisticated styles everyone will be happy with their bridal makeup. Also treat the mother of your groom to special makeup. The pre wedding time of having makeup put on and hair styled is an unforgettable time so share it with all the special women in your life. Be pampered. Relax, and don’t stress about how you will look, let our salon take care of you. Bridal Makeup includes, toner, moisturizing lotion, foundation, powder, blush, lip liner, lip stick, lip gloss, eye liner, mascara, and concealer. You might also want to consider false eyelashes for your wedding day to make your eyes pop. Be sure that your eye makeup and mascara are waterproof as weddings often bring out our emotions. You would not want your mascara to run when you are telling the love of your life that you will always be his. Your wedding only comes once in your life so make sure that your face is the prettiest it can be. Good bridal makeup brings out your natural beauty. Eye shadows should not draw attention to themselves, but rather they should draw the viewer to your gorgeous eyes. Mascara should highlight the length and color of your eyelashes. If you are naturally a blond you should wear a brown rather than black mascara to bring out your natural beauty. Most makeup for faces such as foundation and moisturizer comes with sunscreen, spf 15 at least. This is excellent for everyday use since protecting your skin from the sun is the best way to keep it young and pretty, however for your bridal makeup you should not use products with sunscreen because this will create reflections on camera. For the best wedding pictures you should use products that do not contain sunscreen. At San Fransisco bridal makeup we will create the best look for your wedding. San Francisco Bridal Makeup
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