Lash Yourself

We specialize and focus on applying lashes every day, doing them multiple times a day.  This is the most important part of your face and with Lashfully Artists you can feel confident that you have trained and specialized experts working on your eyes.

We stock over 100 types of lashes - varying in length, curvature and thickness in order to customize a look that matches to your desire and lifestyle. In addition our lashes and adhesives are all medical-grade materials and have been rigorously tested and are safe for use around the eye.  Even for our most sensitive clients, there are specially formulated adhesives that won’t irritate.

You will leave our chic and comfortable beauty lounge with instant gratification. 

Care:  Your new lashes will not harm your own lashes and will naturally grow out in 2-4 weeks.  In order to maintain the look, we recommend touch-ups every few weeks.

Upon receiving your new full set of lashes, we’ll provide you with after-care information.  However it’s not complicated: no oil based eye makeup removers and no water for 24 hours directly onto the new lashes so that the adhesive can set.